Supported accommodation Stoke on Trent, Stafforshire

What we do

ANEW Young People Services are providers of support and accommodation to the 16+ age group of young people who wish to progress to a program of Independent Living. We understand and have a clear appreciation of the difficulties facing looked after young people and it is our goal to equip the young people with the necessary experience that will be required to live independently.

All young people have their own designated support worker and our support packages are flexible and specific to meet the needs of each individual. Our service is young person focused and is delivered to achieve the outcomes set out in Every Child Matters.


Support is provided by a trained workforce and is conveyed in accordance with the ‘Preparation for Adult life’ program to ensure that all young people receive the appropriate standard and consistency of support.

Emergency on call service is provided 24 hours a day 365 days of the year

We are also able provide a bespoke service which can be offered to young people who have complex needs and may require a higher level of support.


Accommodation is usually provided in the form of a 1 bed flat or a 2 bed terraced house and we are able to cater for single or dual occupancy.

A choice of property is offered to each young person in an area of their choosing with an emphasis on quality, safety and security.

The accommodation is supplied part or fully furnished and utility bills and TV licenses are included within our package price.

24/7 Service

We also offer a staffed facility to cater for young people who may be vulnerable, have a higher support need and who may not be ready to make the transition to independent living.
This facility is staffed throughout the night and during the day x 365 days of the year.